The Beginning

So, here’s how it all began.

It started, amazingly enough, with a dream,  An actual close-your-eyes-and-go-to-sleep dream. While sleeping on the floor of my mother’s apartment.  

I dreamed I walked out of my high school, which back then was practically in the country. Now, today, thanks to suburban sprawl and the greed of the Virginia Beach City Council, not so much. I walked out of my high school and turned left and found myself walking down a country road, which I later recognized as one in Charlottesville, VA that I used to walk down all the time in my brief stay there.  

On my right, there was a field, surrounded by a fence with a gate. The field had horses and children playing in it.

I opened the gate and suddenly the horses and the children were running toward me, the children screaming with joy. The horses were, by all appearances, very happy to see me.

I had never before felt so warm, happy and loved. And I still have never felt that way since. The memory of that dream and the feeling it has invoked has never left me.

This is my path.

I will be sharing bits and pieces of my dream probably on a daily basis.

If you want to join me on this path, I would love to have as many traveling companions as possible.1004986_664331830286042_152158555_n